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Throughout the course of life, we have the opportunity to grow and develop.  Sometimes, life throws us challenges that make us feel stuck and unable to move forward.   Just like our early growth is in the context of  relationships with primary caregivers, so too psychotherapy with a compassionate, curious, open-minded and thoughtful clinician can help an individual learn more about themselves.   Even firm patterns can be shifted to unleash growth and change.

Dr. Steinberg will assess an individual for the suitability of psychoanalytic or psychodynamic psychotherapy treatment.  She is a licenced psychiatrist and psychoanalyst qualified to provide these treatments.

These therapeutic modalities can be of great benefit to a wide range of life’s challenges, mental health issues and difficulties adjusting to life changes (such as pregnancy, parenthood illness, divorce, death etc).

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention that uses the systemic study of a person’s behaviour feelings and emotions and relates them to each individual’s unique situations. As the forces underlying mood, relationship, life dissatisfaction and troubles are uncovered in therapy and addressed, growth develops which unleashes a freedom to chose different means of dealing with life issues.

Psychoanalysis, a long established evidence-based treatment, was discovered by Freud.  In the 125 years since then, many theoretical and practical advancements to this form of treatment have been made, deepening and broadening its effectiveness.  People often ask what is the difference between these treatments.  Analysis is only conducted by a qualified psychoanalyst.  Secondly it requires a deeper commitment of time.  It is often difficult for those who have not had therapy before to understand how an increased frequency supports the analytic process.  Therefore, often a trial period of analysis, say 1 month is offered, as a means of evaluating this treatment.

Given each individual’s variables it is difficult to predict what analysis will feel like, however sharing concerns with an analyst can lift the sting of these and begin on a road to understanding and personal growth.

For further information on suitability for this treatment, please contact Dr. Steinberg.

Note: Dr. Steinberg does not provide medication management.


Service costs:

Psychotherapy is covered by MSP if by physician referral only. Physician referral is by email(secure server) or mail(see Contact section for further information).

Psychoanalysis is private, fee for service treatment, and does not require a physician referral.  For further information on this type of treatment please contact Dr. Steinberg directly at: