Child Services

Much recent research shows that healthy early years promote strong emotional, intellectual and physical growth for an individual. Family, friends and community services can support new parents in helping them to help their child to grow to their best potential.

Some parents, having tried, still find their child is exhibiting emotional or behavioural problems that don’t seem to go away.   These may show as early as infancy with trouble sleeping, feeding, nursing or troublesome crying.  Sometimes behaviour troubles occur in preschool years, such as tantrums, selective mutism, acting out behaviours, jealousy of siblings, toileting troubles etc.   Latency age and adolescence bring with them complex challenges for children also. Sometimes children appear to become symptomatic after environmental impacts such as trauma, moving, school changes, separations, or family troubles, to name a few.

The child psychotherapy/psychoanalysis services provided by Dr. Steinberg are designed to assess the individual child in the context of their family.  After influential factors are assessed, recommendations will be provided. These can include sessions with parents, sessions for parents, individual play therapy for children, joint sessions to promote healthy attachment, behavioural and emotional regulation.  Occasionally the treatment recommended is psychoanalysis.

Note: Dr. Steinberg does NOT provide medication management.
Note: Dr. Steinberg has a particular interest in assessing children with Autistic States.

Service costs:

Psychotherapy is covered by MSP if by physician referral only. Physician referral is by email(secure server) or mail(see Contact section for further information).

Psychoanalysis is private fee for service, and does not require a physician referral.  For further information on this type of treatment please contact Dr. Steinberg directly at: